ok, so your getting braces

Braces or dental braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment performed. First invented more than 100 years ago, they have stood the test of time and are used to correct crooked teeth, jaw problems, large overbites and a variety of other problems. Orthodontic treatment may also correct problems you may have with eating, speaking and can allow for easier tooth brushing.

In most cases, the brackets (attachments on the teeth) are made from surgical stainless steel or titanium for strength. The wire used is also made of metal and can be made from nickel titanium or stainless steel. The coloured O-rings or modules are used to secure the wire to the bracket on each tooth. Braces have come a long way since the ‘traditional braces’ of old and they are now much smaller, more comfortable and less noticeable than the past. Metal braces are often the least expensive treatment option and can be used on children, teens and even adults.

At Inline Orthodontics, we use the latest low profile bracket from American Orthodontics that is not just easy to clean but is also looks great! Metal brackets are made of the strongest material possible and are known for their ease of use and reliability.  With metal braces you’ll know that your choosing a product that will give you the best possible results in the shortest time possible as metal brackets have been shown to have a slightly shorter treatment time compared to clear braces. For most patients, the adjustment appointments are either four or six weeks.

Smiles for life!

Metal braces are great with colours and you can customise them with as many colours as you like! You can show your school colours  or even some holiday spirit, the choice is yours. The options are endless. The coloured O-rings are changed at each visit throughout your treatment. You can choose a single colour or choose all of them (Rainbow), the choice is yours!




Teenager braces


coloured braces