What are the available appointment times?
It is not always possible to schedule every appointment before and after school. Therefore, at times, it might be necessary to occasionally miss school. Please call our practice for more details.


How long does the overall treatment take?
The overall length of treatment depends on the complexity of the problem. Simple cases may take as little as 4-7 months, whereas more complicated ones can take more than 24 months. For our standard braces  treatment, our average treatment time is 18 months.


How often do I need to have appointments?
On average, appointment intervals are usually every 6 weeks. This might change to every 3-4 weeks towards the end of treatment. Each adjustment appointment is usually a short 15-30 minute visit.


Do I need a referral before my first visit?
No. At Inline Orthodontics, no referral is required to see the orthodontist.


Can I play contact sports with braces?
Yes you can play contact sports but you MUST wear a mouthguard. We recommend a custom mouthguard rather than a cheap over-the-counter mouthguard from a chemist or supermarket as we find that they do not provide an adequate level of protection. 


When should my child first see the orthodontist?
It is recommended by the The Australian Society of Orthodontists  that children be seen at 7 years of age. Usually around this time, any early or developing orthodontic problems can be identified and treated or monitored until treatment is needed. In some cases, early intervention can prevent more serious problems later on.


When is the best time to start treatment?
The best time to fit braces is usually when all the adult teeth have erupted, which is around 11-13 years of age. However, if you suspect that your child might have a problem, it's best to contact us for an opinion rather than to keep waiting for all the baby teeth to be lost.


Will my teeth hurt after treatment has started?
It is usually a pain free process to have your braces fitted as the brackets are simply bonded to the teeth. A few hours after your appointment, you will start to feel some pressure on the teeth as they begin to move. Discomfort usually is the worst after two days, after which the pain will gradually resolve. Some of our patients may need to take mild pain relief for a day or two, however, most patients do not require any form of pain relief.


Will my speech change after treatment has started?
Some of our patients may have slight changes to their speech after the braces have been placed on their teeth. This will return to normal after a few days.


What are the alternatives to traditional braces?
Modern orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the days of bulky upper and lower braces and is becoming more invisible. For our patients with concerns regarding metal braces, we offer Invisalign® (clear plastic aligners) and ceramic (clear) braces for our Adult patients.


Regular Dentist visits are important!
It is important that before you start orthodontic treatment, you get a full check-up and clean with your dentist. This is to ensure that there is no tooth decay and that your gums are healthy prior to starting orthodontic work. It is also very important to keep visiting your dentist every 6 months to ensure that you have the best dental health possible.


How do the payments work?
Most of our patients elect to go on a payment plan where the payments spread over an 18 month period.  An initial deposit is paid when the braces are first fitted, then the remaining balance is paid in regular instalments usually over the next 18months. We do offer a 5% discount for full upfront payment. 


Will private health cover help pay for part of the treatment?
If you have private health cover, you should receive some rebate for part of the treatment. The rebate depends on the health fund and the level of cover. Please contact your health fund to see if you and your family are covered for orthodontic treatment.